Renee WallWeb Development + Design


I have designed and developed two sites for London-based immersive theatre and production collective, FoolishPeople (FP). My relationship with FP began when writer and director John Harrigan was looking for someone to redesign FP's main website, He was very pleased with my work, and asked me to create the site for FP's first feature film, Strange Factories, as well.
Both sites feature responsive and fluid design, API-generated content from Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter, email subscription modules, contact forms, and the ability to purchase and download Strange Factories. I used JSON, jQuery, native JavaScript, CSS2/CSS3, media queries, cURL, PHP, and HTML5 to create the sites. I really enjoyed working with FP, and look forward to collaborating with them on future projects.

Henry Stinson

I created this Responsive Web Design portfolio for artist and instructor Henry Stinson. I used media queries, CSS3 and HTML5 to allow the design to adapt to the medium on which it's served. This website features unobtrusive JavaScript, a contact form with front and back-end validation, Google Maps and Facebook plugins, a jQuery image slideshow and dynamic content.

Cascadia Community College

I collaborated on the development of a website targeted at International students. I referenced mockups provided by the client's designer to create page templates using XHTML and CSS3. I implemented the UI functionality and slideshows using jQuery and JavaScript, oversaw quality control and advised the development team as needed.

Leonard Rickey Investment Advisors

I created this WordPress website while working for Jordan Crown Design. The site was built using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript and PHP. I was given complete ownership of this project from start to finish; it was a lot of fun to work on.

Terra Staffing Group

I contributed to the design and development of this WordPress site which was produced for Jordan Crown Design. I used PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript to create a custom sign in forms, custom post types and a jQuery slideshow. The site also features Facebook widgets and an SEO plugin.

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